Help your child be physically fit through dance

A few decades ago, parents used to be able to count on schools to provide physical training and exercise for their children. But the emphasis on physical education has waned severely, to the point that many schools have no physical education programs at all. In 2012, the New York Times reported that a survey of the nation’s high schools revealed that nearly half had no physical education classes at all in an average week. A study from the University of Georgia noted that only six states required the 150 minutes of exercise per week in elementary schools that is recommended by the National Association of Sport and Physical Education.

To aggravate this situation, the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition stated that children now spend an average of seven and a half hours a day in front of a screen.

It’s up to parents who want their children to grow up strong and fit to build a positive pattern of vigorous activity for those kids. Add to that, training in physical competence and an understanding of how to stay fit for life and you have a winning combination.

At DK Dance Productions, we see our students benefit in so many more ways than just learning to dance. They learn how to prepare for exercise by warming up and stretching. They learn how to move correctly to prevent injuries. And dance is a form of exercise they can perform their whole lives. Participation in rough and tumble team sports has a short lifespan but dancers can continue to participate in dance for nearly their whole lives. Dancers Martha Graham and Fred Astaire were both dancing in their 60s. In fact, Astaire’s last performance was when he was 80 years old!

Even if children have an adequate amount of vigorous exercise in their schedules, other sports activities are not likely to offer the flexibility that dance does. Plus there are the benefits of learning poise and good posture as the fundamentals of dance are mastered.

And a dance class never gets rained out!

If you’re thinking of starting your child in dance, we want to make this process simple and painless for you. We would be happy to welcome your child for an introductory dance class. Let your son or daughter see how our classes run and get the feel of working alongside our other students. It important to us to create a supportive atmosphere to generate a love for dancing in every one of our students.

Call DK Dance Productions today to arrange for an introductory dance class – (314)921-5800. We’re looking forward to meeting you!

When should my child start dance lessons?

Does your child dance every time she hears music? Do you picture your daughter pirouetting in a tutu or your son doing a Grand Jeté like Baryshnikov? Do you need a physical outlet for your child’s endless energy?

Then you might be wondering if it’s time to enroll your child in dance classes. Almost any child can benefit from the discipline of dance. Learning dance is an excellent way to increase self-confidence and poise. As children progress through dance training, they also become more fit and learn better posture and physical control, which helps them grow strong and straight.

So can your toddler begin to learn dance? Yes, of course. Many children of three and four years of age can begin to benefit from a basic grounding in dance or tumbling. We love working with children of this age because we can use our skills to give them a foundation of physical ability they can build on in the years to come. We have two classes that are perfect to get these young dancers started.

Once done with these levels, they can graduate into the 5 to 6-year-old classes, where we will continue to teach fundamentals of dance or tumbling. No matter what type of dance your child decides on – ballet, jazz, hip hop, musical theater or even cheer, these fundamentals will train his mind and his body to excel in his chosen style.

We’re happy to provide a Free Dance Analysis to help guide you in your choice. After all, we have ten different styles of dance we can teach. We can talk to you about the abilities of your child and whether he or she might be ready to start dance training. To request a free analysis, simply fill out our fun Free Dance Analysis. We will contact you and find about the interests of both you and your child and match you with the best classes for you.

You can have confidence in our ability to instruct small children while keeping things fun and interesting. We get great joy from instilling a love of dancing and the ability to enjoy grace and movement in the children of Florissant and the surrounding area. If that sounds good to you, call us today at (314) 921-5800 or request the dance analysis online. We hope to see you and your children in our studio soon.

Helping Children Develop Social Skills with Dance Classes

Teaching dance is far more than just training bodies to move in a particular pattern. While students of dance certainly learn self-discipline and persistence, they also gain a valuable education in social skills. Each time a student learns a move they thought difficult to master, they gain self-confidence. Confidence not only makes them a better performer, it helps in school, at home and in social settings.

When they practice with another student to help them work through a difficult series of steps, they learn a valuable lesson in relationships. Being able to handle relationships makes them a better member of the corps de ballet, chorus line or troupe. This lesson also carries over into every other aspect of their lives.

We focus on giving our young dancers a safe environment in which they can develop these skills. During our classes, we make sure to encourage all our students to learn, perform and interact with other students to the best of their own abilities. Learning dance should be challenging but never overwhelming.

Dance as Self-Expression

Dance is not only athletic, it’s also a form of creative expression. As they master the basics of dance, each young dancer learns to bring something unique to her performance. It is wonderful to watch children bloom as they realize they can add their own emotions and feelings to their performances. They may not realize that they are learning the true purpose of communication with every class and performance. This is another skill that will serve them well at home, with their friends or in their future careers.

Using Dance to Improve Children’s Relationships – an Example

In Puyallup, Washington, elementary school children who had never danced before were presented with a ten-week class that taught six ballroom dances – merengue, waltz, tango, foxtrot, rumba, and swing – plus the heel-toe polka, stomp and Cha-Cha Slide. School Principal Almai Malit-Idler noted that learning dance is a way for children to break down social barriers between girls and boys, build their self-confidence, teach them to work as a team and above all, learn to treat everyone with respect. At the end of the ten weeks, children who were scared and nervous at the start of the program performed not only for their classmates but also for their parents in an evening show.

You can read about their experience here.

Every child can benefit from becoming skilled at dance. We have trained hundreds of children in  the St. Louis-Florissant area with this kind of well-rounded approach. If you feel your child is ready to gain in grace, confidence and skill, call DK Dance Productions to arrange for an introductory dance class at (314) 921-5800

Dancing as a Universal Language

As a child grows up, she is learning who she wants to be. She may try on different models of living, first being like her mother and then perhaps like entertainers who may impress her with their art. As she matures, she learns also what is in her heart to express and what words to use to make her feelings known. The more easily this skill comes to her, the more successful she is likely to be in her personal and business relationships.

Undercutting the thousands of languages in the world is the language of dance. Fluid, graceful movements communicate instantly and deeply across barriers of culture, race or words. Every human culture has used dance in one way or another. Think of all the ways the Western Culture uses dance – for weddings, sporting events like gymnastics and ice skating, cheerleaders supporting games, street competitions featuring hip hop, musical concerts and charitable events. It’s part of all kinds of entertainments, from waltzing with a partner to Superbowl halftime shows and Broadway shows. It’s a universal medium of communication.

When a child learns to dance, she learns to express feelings and emotions from the tragic to the sublime. By learning to control her own body, she learns grace. By learning to use dance to express feelings and emotions, either her own or that of the composer or choreographer, she gains a greater ability and range of expression that will never leave her.

The Range of Dance Taught at DK Dance Productions

We understand that there so many ways to communicate via dance and so we include a wide range of dance styles at our studio. All the most popular styles of dance that your child is likely to be exposed to in our current culture are available. Of course, ballet, tap, jazz and contemporary dance are included, and should your child decide to progress on to ballroom style dance, these basics provide all the foundation needed.

We also teach hip hop, tumbling, acrobatic dance and pom poms. Advanced students who wish to perform in musical theatre have special classes available to them. We know that it can be difficult to decide what specific dance your child should learn first. We have created a special free and fun quiz, the Free Dance Class Finder, that allows you to get the help of a dance professional to determine what dance style would best match your child’s personality and interests.

We have used the term “she” so far in this article, but we have many boys in our classes as well. We have some classes especially for young men and other classes welcome both boys and girls.

The Ability to Communicate

When a young person gains the ability to express the feelings and emotions of dance, he truly gains in the ability to communicate in any way – one of life’s most essential abilities. This helps a young person overcome shyness and build confidence in any setting. These are excellent foundations for life, no matter who that young child eventually decides he wants to be.

If your child has expressed an interest in dance, bring her to one of our introductory dance classes. Just call our studio to schedule her first class – 314-921-5800. We’re looking forward to opening her eyes to the world of dance.

Teaching Children to Dance with Poise and Confidence

Down through the years, well-known dancers have embodied the perfection of poise and confidence that accompanies the mastery of this performing art. Think of Fred Astaire, Leslie Caron, Martha Graham, Gene Kelly, Rudolf Nureyev, Michael Jackson and Beyoncé. These well-loved dance icons help to inspire all of us to move with grace and beauty.

When a person learns to dance skillfully and beautifully, it’s like learning an entirely new way of expressing himself or herself. He can then use any genre of dance to complete that expression.

It’s just natural that as a person masters dance skills, she develops a beautiful carriage of her body. The skills of graceful movement, the development of muscle strength and the self-assurance gained through mastery of dance routines all contribute to a fluidity of movement and excellent self-control.

The elegant posture that naturally results from dance training creates an immediate impression of competence and character. Each person trained in dance gains a harmony of body and mind that creates this unconscious grace. As our dance students continue on in their training, they further gain a discipline that helps guide actions in every other area of life.

We live by these words:

To Dream is to Dance

To Love is to Dance

To Live is to Dance

We believe that dancing is a natural ability that can be developed in every person. We accept students as young as three years of age, and adults of any age. We offer private lessons and group classes.

The benefits of learning to dance

These days, more parents are interested in their children developing the ability to dance and more children are asking to learn to dance like the adults they see in television competitions or music videos. So dance is going through a renaissance of interest and we could not be more pleased. We are very aware of the benefits of learning dance imparts to every aspect of life.

Just a few of the many benefits of learning to dance, quite in addition to the physical benefits of being in shape, include:

  • Increased self-confidence
  • Better gross and fine motor skills
  • More poise under stress
  • The joy that comes from mastering a skill

We encourage parents to bring their children in for an introductory lesson at our dance studio. In a short interview and evaluation, we can assess a child’s aptitude and interest in learning dance and place them in the correct class.

And if parents are interested in classes for themselves, even if they have never danced in their lives, we are happy to help place them in the correct learning program as well.

Dancing is a path to fitness, grace, and even social skill. Far from being buried in an electronic device, our students are moving, learning, paying attention to lessons and interacting with each other.

Whether your child wishes to gain basic competence in dance or take their skills all the way to a professional level, we can help encourage them in their goals. Our more advanced students learn audition skills and we also teach choreography.

Change your child’s life, change his self-confidence and his ability – all through the beauty of dance. Please call us today to schedule a free dance analysis for your child. We welcome dance students from Florissant, Hazelwood, Alton and the surrounding areas. We look forward to welcoming you to the DK Dance Pro studio soon. Call (314) 921-5800 now to arrange an introductory dance lesson.

Do you have questions about what style of dance you or your child might like to learn? Take our Free Dance Analysis now and receive a free recommendation from a professional dance instructor based on our short and entertaining quiz.

Dancing is a Great Form of Exercise!

American adults, including those in Hazelwood, are continually searching for effective ways to control their weight and increase their fitness level, as obesity is one of the top health issues in our country. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 34 percent of American adults over age 20 are overweight. Dancing has been shown to be an effective form of exercise and can be used in combination with a sensible diet to help American adults control their weight. Many forms of dance are available depending on one’s interests. DK Dance Productions’ Hazelwood dance studio offers adult fitness, ballet, jazz, tumbling, tap, contemporary, and hip hop.

For people who are uninterested in sports or other forms of exercise, the dance classes available through the Hazelwood dance studio may be a great alternative. Dancing is not only effective at keeping you physically fit, but it is also entertaining and often builds body confidence as you become more, well, graceful and coordinated. Through dance, you can also hone your social skills, including developing lasting friendships with your classmates.

Dancing also has the capability of improving mental outlook. Once you begin to become more physically fit and make friends at your Hazelwood dance studio classes, you may find your whole mental outlook improving. You will feel more in control of yourself and have more confidence in your abilities.

The physical benefits of dancing are many. The aerobic aspects improve your stamina and increase heart health, and dancing also helps develop coordination and balance. For people with limited mobility, activities that help promote movement and flexibility can be very important.

Adult dance classes are a fun way to get the exercise you need to stay physically fit. Combined with a healthy diet and a reasonably active lifestyle, you can improve the quality of your life and have fun at the same time. If you are interested in learning more about adult dance classes in our Hazelwood dance studio, contact DK Dance Productions who will be glad to answer your questions and provide you with more information.

DK Dance Productions provides many styles of dance classes in our Hazelwood dance studio. Whether you are an adult who wants a fun form of exercise, a parent who wants to tumble with your toddler, or a competitive dancer looking to improve technique, DK Dance Productions challenges you physically while providing a creative outlet for your talents. Contact us today at 314.921.5800 or visit us online at and find out why many of our current and former students say that we are the best dance school ever.

What Training Do You Need to Become a Ballet Dancer?

Becoming a professional ballet dancer takes many years of discipline, hard work, and training. Most professional ballet dancers start their training at an early age, somewhere around eight to 10 years old. There is much practice involved and training can be intense, perhaps with three or more training sessions involved every week. The professional dance instructors at DK Dance Productions have all levels of ballet dance classes available at their Hazelwood dance studio.

If you think that you would like to become a professional ballet dancer, you will be learning one of the oldest forms of dance in history. Ballet’s roots can be traced back all the way to the Renaissance and the time of the 15th Century. These early performers danced to entertain royalty. During the 17th and 18th Centuries, professional ballet dancing academies were started throughout France, Russia, and other European countries.

A ballet dancer is graceful and makes extremely difficult dance moves look effortless, gliding across the stage with apparent ease. Ballet requires top physical condition, and during ballet instruction, students taking Hazelwood ballet dance classes learn proper ballet techniques including ballet positions, turns, jumps, and dances. Self-discipline and concentration are key elements to success as a ballet performer.

Not all people want to learn ballet to become a professional ballet dancer. Some students are just intrigued by this beautiful form of dance and want to enjoy learning more about it. Even if you do not intend to become a professional ballet dancer, the skills you learn at DK Dance Productions in Hazelwood ballet dance classes will improve your coordination and grace and will definitely help you stay in top physical condition.

Hazelwood Ballet Dance Classes – DK Dance Productions provides residents of Hazelwood with ballet dance classes. Whether you are an adult who wants a fun form of exercise, a parent who wants to tumble with your toddler, or a competitive dancer looking to improve technique, DK Dance Productions challenges you physically while providing a creative outlet for your talents. Contact us today at 314.921.5800 or visit us online at and find out why many of our current and former students say that we are the best dance school ever.

All the World’s a Stage … Especially When You’re Involved in Musical Theater

In the musical theater world, they are known as triple threats. A triple-threat is an actor who can sing and who has studied with a dance studio. They are considered a triple threat by others who audition with them for a role in musical theater because there are three ways in which they could beat everyone else out for a role: acting, singing, or dancing. It does not matter whether the audition happens in a Broadway theater or at the Civic Center Theatre right here in Florissant, a triple threat is a force to be reckoned with.

If you love theater and would like to audition for roles in musicals, there is a dance studio right in Florissant that offers classes focused exclusively on musical theater. Students at the dance studio have the opportunity to express, through dance, the themes, emotions, and actions that are going on in songs from the theater. Plus, to ensure that you are truly prepared to dance proficiently in any musical in which you might be cast, you are required to be a member of a competitive dance team at the studio in order to take the musical theater class. That level of dance training means that you will be a triple threat every time you audition.

Whether you are headed for a career in New York or you just want a shot at a role the next time The Alpha Players of Florissant do a musical, the Florissant dance studio that can prepare you is DK Dance Productions. Contact DK Dance Productions today to get the training that you need to turn the entire world into your stage.

DK Dance Productions’ Florissant dance studio offers a wide variety of dance classes. Whether you are an adult who wants a fun form of exercise, a parent who wants to tumble with your toddler, or a competitive dancer looking to improve technique, DK Dance Productions challenges you physically while providing a creative outlet for your talents. Contact us today at 314.921.5800 or visit us online at and find out why many of our current and former students say that we are the best dance studio ever.