Dance Recitals: Creating Memories One Step at a Time

If you ever took a dance class at a studio in Hazelwood, you no doubt remember springtime dance recitals when you got to show off everything that you had learned over the year. Recitals were also the time when you got to see the different dance moves that the older students in the advanced classes at the dance studio got to do. Your family came, sometimes even extended family, and it was a huge event.

Those memories stick with you after so many years because a dance studio that has a year-end recital is not just showcasing itself, but is allowing each member of the studio to shine, as well. No matter how nervous you were on the stage and actually danced, when it was all said and done, and you heard the thunderous applause, you had a sense of pride and accomplishment. You had also gained a greater self-confidence by getting up and performing in front of family, friends, and strangers.

Now that you are grown up and have children of your own, it may be time to start creating similar memories for them. Aside from all of the health, social, and even academic benefits of belonging to a Hazelwood dance studio, your children will benefit from the recital experience in all the same ways that you did. If you are looking for a dance studio in Hazelwood where your children can feel that same joy and pride in performing, DK Dance Productions has wonderful dance class options that your child will love. Contact DK Dance Studio and Production today and begin creating memories for your child … one dance step at a time.

Dance Studio Hazelwood – DK Dance Productions and Dance Studio in Hazelwood offers a wide variety of dance classes. Whether you are an adult who wants a fun form of exercise, a parent who wants to tumble with your toddler or a competitive dancer looking to improve technique, DK Dance Productions challenges you physically while providing a creative outlet for your talents. Contact us today at 314.921.5800 or visit us online at and find out why many of our current and former students say that we are the best dance studio in Hazelwood.