What Training Do You Need to Become a Ballet Dancer?

Becoming a professional ballet dancer takes many years of discipline, hard work, and training. Most professional ballet dancers start their training at an early age, somewhere around eight to 10 years old. There is much practice involved and training can be intense, perhaps with three or more training sessions involved every week. The professional dance instructors at DK Dance Productions have all levels of ballet dance classes available at their Hazelwood dance studio.

If you think that you would like to become a professional ballet dancer, you will be learning one of the oldest forms of dance in history. Ballet’s roots can be traced back all the way to the Renaissance and the time of the 15th Century. These early performers danced to entertain royalty. During the 17th and 18th Centuries, professional ballet dancing academies were started throughout France, Russia, and other European countries.

A ballet dancer is graceful and makes extremely difficult dance moves look effortless, gliding across the stage with apparent ease. Ballet requires top physical condition, and during ballet instruction, students taking Hazelwood ballet dance classes learn proper ballet techniques including ballet positions, turns, jumps, and dances. Self-discipline and concentration are key elements to success as a ballet performer.

Not all people want to learn ballet to become a professional ballet dancer. Some students are just intrigued by this beautiful form of dance and want to enjoy learning more about it. Even if you do not intend to become a professional ballet dancer, the skills you learn at DK Dance Productions in Hazelwood ballet dance classes will improve your coordination and grace and will definitely help you stay in top physical condition.

Hazelwood Ballet Dance Classes – DK Dance Productions provides residents of Hazelwood with ballet dance classes. Whether you are an adult who wants a fun form of exercise, a parent who wants to tumble with your toddler, or a competitive dancer looking to improve technique, DK Dance Productions challenges you physically while providing a creative outlet for your talents. Contact us today at 314.921.5800 or visit us online at www.dkdancepro.com and find out why many of our current and former students say that we are the best dance school ever.