All the World’s a Stage … Especially When You’re Involved in Musical Theater

In the musical theater world, they are known as triple threats. A triple-threat is an actor who can sing and who has studied with a dance studio. They are considered a triple threat by others who audition with them for a role in musical theater because there are three ways in which they could beat everyone else out for a role: acting, singing, or dancing. It does not matter whether the audition happens in a Broadway theater or at the Civic Center Theatre right here in Florissant, a triple threat is a force to be reckoned with.

If you love theater and would like to audition for roles in musicals, there is a dance studio right in Florissant that offers classes focused exclusively on musical theater. Students at the dance studio have the opportunity to express, through dance, the themes, emotions, and actions that are going on in songs from the theater. Plus, to ensure that you are truly prepared to dance proficiently in any musical in which you might be cast, you are required to be a member of a competitive dance team at the studio in order to take the musical theater class. That level of dance training means that you will be a triple threat every time you audition.

Whether you are headed for a career in New York or you just want a shot at a role the next time The Alpha Players of Florissant do a musical, the Florissant dance studio that can prepare you is DK Dance Productions. Contact DK Dance Productions today to get the training that you need to turn the entire world into your stage.

DK Dance Productions’ Florissant dance studio offers a wide variety of dance classes. Whether you are an adult who wants a fun form of exercise, a parent who wants to tumble with your toddler, or a competitive dancer looking to improve technique, DK Dance Productions challenges you physically while providing a creative outlet for your talents. Contact us today at 314.921.5800 or visit us online at and find out why many of our current and former students say that we are the best dance studio ever.